Mobrog is one of the many online survey sites. It is NOT a scam but one of the legit sites – I have been paid by it several times myself.

This does not mean it is the right panel for everyone though.

You need to know what to expect. The main disadvantage Mobrog has is that even though it offers quite a lot of paid surveys, there will likely be many of them you do not qualify for. Therefore, it can sometimes take a bit of patience depending on the country you live in.

But as an extra survey site Mobrog can be great to join as it is easy to use, has a low payout threshold, and you can get your earnings out in cash through PayPal or Skrill.

If you download the Mobrog app, it is also very easy to use on the go. And it has its own panel in around 70 countries so you can join from many different countries and take surveys in your local language.


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